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A Farewell to Home

July 11, 2011

Dear Columbia,

You’ve been my home for a decade and a half. Your melting summers and mild winters have been the backdrop to much of my life. You’ve seen me graduate three times, become an aunt five times over, marry at the ripe old-maid age of 28, and give birth to my boy. I’ve loved you for your beaches and mountains, tomatoes and peaches, loves and losses.

Carolina, you’ll always be home, but it’s time to spread our wings.


Strange to know Reed won’t remember Columbia quite so fondly or really at all.

August 1st the three Byxbes make a northern migration to Lancaster, PA. I’ll move 600 miles from much loved family and friends. Sad? Undoubtedly. Excited? Absolutely.

So here we go, taking on a new adventure! And why? Because sometimes God prods us out of comfort and familiarity to challenge us towards growth. Ben has accepted a college/young professional pastorship at Calvary Church in Lancaster. I’ll naturally support him in that role, keep mommying Reed, and pursue writing and teaching opportunities.

Interestingly, Lancaster is right in the middle of Amish country but only a couple of hours from Washington DC, Philadelphia, and New York City! Beyond that, I have a lot to learn about our new home. Well, I have heard there’s plenty of snow…

In January I resolved that our family should have no more major life changes in 2011; marriage, grad school, new jobs, a baby, and two moves were quite enough for the first two years of marriage. Ah, well, guess I should have known better than to make a New Year’s resolution.

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  1. Michelle Rikard permalink
    July 11, 2011 12:14 am

    Sounds like fun! I love the Amish. They just fascinate me.

  2. July 21, 2011 10:41 pm

    Um, you forgot to mention that it’s only a few more hours to Boston!! 😉

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