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Three Mountains

April 13, 2012
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Three mountains. A cloudy, clingy mist hangs over, around them. Each mountain is its own, only strung together by her at the bottom. No way up. No way over. No way around. No way through. They just are. Unmovable.

He says her faith could move those mountains. He says many things that seem impossible. Frustrating. Incredulous.

She could no more move those mountains than come back from the dead.

As she pushes against these mountains, she tires quickly. Hope dissipates thinly. Her manna is rotting. These mountains were placed here, sometimes it seems, purposefully. And she’s not sure which truth is more painful. Purposed or luck of the draw?

Each day an owl on the first mountain wakes her. She rises, dresses as if all is normal, and she goes to tend, to chisel, to work but also to push, to fight, to rail against the mountains. Why this mountain, in this space, at this time? She wishes she could What If this mountain away. As she scans her eyes, again, over the terrain, she focuses on the small cemetery ensconced on the second mountain. A small catch in her throat, imperceptible to even the keenest observer. A light mist in her eyes that mimics what sweeps the mountain. The third mountain rises in the sky familiar, inviting, reminiscent of another time, another place. If it weren’t for the weight and immensity of the mountain, she’d assume it just a mirage.  So with all her might she collapses, furious that the might of those mountains has overtaken her.

He says, Your fight is not against flesh and blood. Then what, she cries, am I fighting against if not these mountains?

The owl softly hoots, and small grass pushes up, and memories seem sufficient to satiate her today. Maybe even through tomorrow.

Your fight is against the lies you believe about these mountains, he replies.

He sits with her in the grass, asking her to breathe the oxygen of hope, drink the water of joy, and eat the manna of peace. Here the battle can be won. Here the mountains can move her heart and mind. And in him she finds her rest.

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