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Full of Words

November 12, 2012

My mind ruminates on all the words, sentences, paragraphs, articles, entries, posts, chapters, and books that my fingers have crossed over.  That my eyes have conveyed to my brain. That my brain has converted into meaning. That have changed my heart and thinking and being and doing.

Words are my love language. And today I gratefully recall those authors, those people, those poets, those souls who have taken pen to paper, poured out their wild imaginings, and graced me with a beautiful collage of words and sentences and paragraphs and stanzas and verses.

CS Lewis. Ann Voskamp. Anne Jackson. Toni Morrison. Stacey Marie Kerr. Kelli Hampton. David the Psalmist. The Puritans through their prayers. Barbara Kingsolver. Paulo Freire. Mother Teresa. Arlene Gray.

Some expected on a list such as this. Others maybe relatively unknown. But all, all have helped me find my voice, my courage, my pen. As Anne Jackson might say, these have given me the gift of going second.

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