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What I Want Most

June 9, 2013

It’s always the questions. The unspoken ones — the ones people aren’t sure how to ask but they may really, really want to — that unwrap my heart.

Will Reed ever __________? (Does Reed’s diagnosis perfectly map out, hem in, and decree exactly who he will be and what he will do any more than other children?) What’s it like having a kid who needs therapy three to four times a week? Will your other kids have the same issues? Does Luke?

Are you relieved that Luke doesn’t? (How can I value the health and typical-ness of one without devaluing the one whose atypical-ness has won and reformed my heart?)

But, you know what relieves me most of all? Realizing a Reed-formed truth:  What I want most for both of my boys — more than typical genetic structures — are faith and character and strong minds.


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