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Happy Almost Birthday, Little One

August 23, 2015

Dear Baby Girl,

The other day, on Facebook, I wrote a status that proclaimed the end is in sight. And in some ways, I’m right. Our shared body experience will come to its culmination in just two brief weeks. You’ve been safely cocooned inside of me while my body works around the clock to sustain you. You’ve reminded me of your constant presence with your tiny yet profound movements that sometimes we can even see from the outside and often times your daddy can feel with his palm spread across my abdomen. As you grow a little bigger and the skin of my belly stretches a little thinner, your movements constrain a bit more. My painfully swollen feet and joints urge me to count down to that hour when you’ll be delivered from me, and yet, I know I’ll miss this intimate connection we share. As a family, I see the image of two little boys playing trains together dissolve into a picture that includes you (even though I can’t quite picture your face just yet), their little sister, watching and eventually joining in their play. This dissolving reminds me that you will birth us into a family of five.

But like so many other endings, we’re really about to begin again. We’ll learn again what it’s like to stumble through long nights followed by longer, more tired days. We’ll learn again the true smallness of a newborn and the joy that comes from holding, nurturing a brand new life. We’ll learn again what it means for our hearts to grow bigger because there’s one more person to share love with, there’s one more little, tiny person who’s captivating our hearts. As both boys have done, you’ll teach us, in your own way, how to be a mama and a daddy all over again. And then in at least one significant way, we’re beginning totally new. As Dr. Seuss tells it, there’ll never be another you, no, not even one. We’ll be learning you new. These realizations remind me of the privilege we have to begin all these things again.

We have been praying for you in these days leading up to your birthday. And our earnest prayer for you, just like I pray for your brothers, is that you will be full of grace. That you will bend your life around the truth of His mighty love. We pray in earnest that you will be kind, gracious, and content, embracing just who God has made you to be. Knowing the One who has loved you most, we’ve loved you from the beginning.

Expectantly waiting,

Mama, Daddy, Reed & Luke

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