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Loving Families with Special Needs

February 10, 2021

Growing up, I had limited personal experience with people of different abilities. But when our firstborn son was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that explained his developmental delays and health issues, I was abruptly plunged into the world of special needs parenting.

As our son has grown from a curly-topped toddler to a spunky, hilarious ten-year-old, and his struggles have grown right along with him, I’ve learned that people don’t always understand him or us, and that special needs can cause rifts and isolation. As the body of Christ, though, we’re called to be in community with one another. So how can we do that?

I’ve experienced firsthand the looks, questions, and distance disability can cause in the church, often because of people’s lack of proximity to the challenges and joys of people with special needs. I want to help others learn how to bridge the gap with families like ours…

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