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Five of us living this God-breathed life together.


Ben & Allison

The story of how we met involves a chance meeting at Starbucks (even though I don’t drink coffee), a motorcycle, half a watermelon, and a few up-til-4 a.m. conversations. About ten months after that motorcyclist showed up with two of his roommates and his leftover watermelon to my 4th of July party, we said “I do.” I consider it a high blessing that this year we’re celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary.

IMG_4394Ben’s a pastor, teacher, and entrepreneur to his core and has more talents than is reasonable. I admire him completely. You can read more about him here.

As for me, writing really is my therapy. I’m an editor, professor, word smith, and Scrabble enthusiast.

In our eight years married, we’ve lived in seven eight nine different houses in two different states and added two three tiny tyrants – ahem – blessings to our family. 🙂


Six months post-nuptials we were expecting our first baby. He, as most first babies do, changed our life. But it wasn’t until just before his first birthday that we would understand exactly how much our lives have been changed by that sweet red-headed boy. Genetic testing revealed that Reed lives with a rare chromosome disorder. As his cells were forming and for reasons unknown, things went a bit differently than usual, forming a precious and most exceptional boy. To learn more about his unique circumstances, you can read this post I wrote.img_5726

Reed is a thriving 1st grader, his favorite color is blue, he loves to act totally silly to make others laugh, and this boy loves to run, always asking someone to race him.  He also has an arm built to pitch, and he can nail you in the head with a ball without even looking your direction.  He’s got his daddy’s attention to details and his mama’s deeply run emotions. I love nothing more than to see the bright look in his eyes when he’s accomplished something new, ventured brave enough to try something on his own, or used his generous spirit to connect with another person.


11700762_10153605024405757_6643352306930224919_oLuke, our middle kiddo, does not meet a stranger because at Luke’s table, there’s always room for just one more person! Early on, my Mamaw nicknamed him Joy to the World because he lives every day with the full expectation that life is going to be amazing. Luke talks, sings, run, skips, bounces, and exuberantly bounds through most days. He has his mama’s love for words and his daddy’s self-confident determination. Our big blue-eyed four year old makes sure we’re always ready to enjoy the heck out of whatever we’re doing, wherever we are, with whoever’s around.


IMG_4415Ansley, our two year old who we affectionately call “baby” more than her given name, is the yin to Luke’s yang. Even from her earliest days, she’s seemed to be an observer, thinker, and skeptic, carefully scoping out new people and new situations before rewarding you with one of her captivating smiles. She is fiercely independent, spouts off new words constantly these days, and runs hard to keep up with her brothers. She is a pure delight in our family and we just love her fiercely!

Our Family

We’ve chosen to believe that we are not entitled to “normal” or “typical” but rather accept, with thankfulness, the gift of family God’s given us,  exactly as we know it, trusting that He has a greater purpose in mind than even we  can imagine.



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  1. Carl King permalink
    February 2, 2014 8:00 pm

    How i have missed it all this time, i do not know… but i was delighted to find your blog when you posted ‘she writes!’ on fb recently. I am blown away. Your writing is both an invitation to and a bestowal of grace. Your witness is so open and authentic that it models for readers the clear permission to leave pretension at the door. Christ’s power is made perfect in our weakness. (2 Cor 12:19) The way you share your story so very clearly invites Christ is reign. Thank you, and bless you!

    I found all the above to be true in the posts i read, and especially on your Byxbe-pedia page. I see it is under construction right now. i hope it comes back with the same compelling introduction of yourself and your wonderful family. It is abundantly clear that Ben is blessed to be married to you, and your two boys have an amazing mother whose abiding love for them is deep and wide.

    You were an impressive college student back in Columbia. You have continued to grow in stature and grace. I rejoice!

    Grace & Peace,
    Carl King

    • February 2, 2014 10:09 pm

      Rev. Carl! Thank you for your kind, kind words. So good to hear from a friend and mentor. I was just sharing with Ben about the trips to the Bahamas you shepherded with all of us CC girls. Hard to believe I’ll be attending my 10 year college reunion this fall!

      I hope that you, Stacy, and Amalia are doing well. I love that FB allows me glimpses into y’alls life!

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